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MainTypes of Sound Dampening Curtains

These are the heavyweight curtains used in making a home sound proof. They are made of sound absorbing materials. In addition to this, they have thermal insulating properties that make them effective in soundproofing a home. You can use sound dampening curtains in blocking any unwanted noise from reaching the interior of your home. They are a practical choice for those people who live in noisy environments like the busy cities and along the busy transport routes. The loud noise produced by car engines can break your concentration when playing with your kids or when you are watching your favourite TV programmes.

Effective ways of reducing noise with sound damping curtains

sound proofing curtain

  • Using heavy weight curtains or drapes – This can help you in reducing noise by 300%. These curtains are twice as heavy as compared to the standard ones.
  • Using pleated curtains or drapes- Once installed, these curtains can triple or double the noise reduction process. They are considered to be more effective in reducing noise as compared to the flat curtains. They are relatively thicker as compared to the standard curtains. They are also known for creating “wedges” that reflect off the sound.

Sound Absorbing Curtains

There are two main types of sound damping curtains. The two types include heavy suede/velvet curtains and thermal/ blackout insulating or energy efficient curtains.

Thermal Insulating Curtains

These curtains are a heavyweight to provide the much-needed mass to prevent heat loss and allow heat or warm air to get into your room. In addition to this, this thickness is effective in blocking out light, which comes from the surrounding.

Blackout Curtains

They are effective in blocking direct sunlight and keeping the rooms dark. They are made of a thick material that makes them very heavy.

Thermal insulating curtains

thermal insulation curtain

They are also known as heavy winter’s curtains. They are used by people to keep their houses warm when the outside conditions are extremely cold. Additionally, they can be used in summer to prevent overheating of the rooms. The following are the main factors that determine the effectiveness of these curtains:

  • Width
  • Length

Right Curtain Length

The length of the curtain is beneficial in reducing noise and blocking light. For effectiveness, it should be extended above and below the window. This means that you should look for a long product when buying one.

Right Curtain length

Their widths mainly determine their effectiveness. Materials having a long width can be closed easily to reduce noise. The width should be increased to maximize sound absorption. It should be longer than the window’s length by three times.…

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Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner
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Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum seems to have succumbed to age, and you think that you should replace it with a new one? Well, if that is the case, then you should always ensure that you buy the best one. This would mean that you do a lot of research and consultation. After all, it will be difficult for you to say that you have bought the best when you even do not know what makes a vacuum cleaner the best. Here are some of the things that you should consider when it comes to buying the best vacuum.

The use

The useWhat are you going to use the vacuum that you want to buy for? Do you want the best vacuum for dog hair or the one that will help you to remove stubborn dirt from your carpet? Having a clear understanding of the use that you want to put your vacuum to can be of great help in making it possible for you to make the right choices. Different types of vacuum have different capabilities.

The flooring types

When it comes to buying the best vacuum, the type of flooring that you have is very important. The type of the floor that you have will influence the workability of your vacuum. For instance, if your home is filled with carpets that have long fur, then an upright vacuum can be the best choice. On the other hand, if your floor is hardwood, then a canister style vacuum can be the right for you. Sometimes it is good to first talk to your friends and neighbors so that you get the knowledge that you need to make the right choice.


DurabilityIs also good that when you buy your vacuum, you do it once and for all. No want to keep going back to the market in search of something you bought a few weeks ago. For you to find such like scenario, you should go for a vacuum that is of great quality. But the question comes, how will you tell the quality of a vacuum? Well, there are several things that you will need to look. First is the material that is used to come up with the vacuum. Do you think the material is of the right quality? If yes, then you can go ahead and get it. It is also important that you consider the price. The price will always tell you something about the quality of the vacuum that you want to buy.…

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carpet in the home

Tips on Carpeting your Home

Carpeting is a big part of the home interior design. The type of carpet that you choose can go a long way in transforming the look of your house. However, you need to know that maintaining a carpet might be a little bit challenging compared to the normal flooring. Home carpeting has a way of making your home feel cozy and warm. The trick is to make sure that you buy the right carpeting for your home. When choosing home carpeting, there are various factors that you should keep in mind:

Your lifestyle

Before you even think about carpeting your home, the first thing to consider is your lifestyle. You need to consider your family setting and also your daily activities. For instance, a couple living together might have different needs from a family with toddlers and pets.

installing a carpet

A family with toddlers and kids will need a carpet that is dirt friendly, and that can withstand high scratches. However, for a family of adults, a posh and luxurious carpet might not be a problem because they can keep it clean and neat. Before carpeting, your home, make sure that you keep your expectations as real as possible.

Type of fiber

The type of fiber that you use for your home carpet is very important. G&S Flooring, LLC carpeting experts will help you choose from a wide variety of fabrics available. Before you consider any fabric type, you need to determine the care and maintenance. There are fabrics like wool that are difficult to maintain because they require special cleaning methods. The type of fiber that you buy will also depend on your budget. Some fibers are more expensive than others. You need to determine the type of budget that you have allocated for carpeting.


The durability of the carpet that you want to buy should be a big concern. For instance, in high traffic areas like the corridors, you need to consider a high-quality carpet that can withstand tear and wear. For different parts of the room like the living room, bedroom and corridors you can use different types of carpets. The carpeting expert will help you in choosing carpets for different parts of your house.

types of carpets


Cleaning is something that you should never ignore when it comes to carpeting. You need to remember that you will be responsible for cleaning your carpet. Some carpets are easier to clean than others. If you can be able to clean the carpet without any problems, then you should go ahead and consider carpeting.…

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Various Furnishings to Make Your Home Look Modern

Since your home is your castle on this planet, this is a more reason to take it very seriously. Beautifying and decorating it is inevitable. After working so hard and you will definitely need a safe haven to come to at the end of the day. No one wants to come home to a place that is somewhat ordinary. Some factors must be put in place for your home to be habitable. It is clear to see that most of us are lacking ideas in this area. However, you can get some useful insights on how to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your home from on this publication.

Soapstone carvings

home decorationsIf you are the type whose job involves traveling all the time, take advantage of it. During your travels, take your time and look at the recent designs on display. The beauty of it is that there is always something for you to indulge your eyes in. You just have to develop a keen interest in this project. What’s more, you can derive more information on this from different sources. This will help in preventing irreversible blunders from invading your home.

Pillows, rugs and curtains

We can all attest to the fact that the house feels so cold and empty without any of these items. However, overstuffing your home with such makes you feel like you are about to suffocate. Pillow and rugs work most especially when you live in a mansion. They work all the more when they are perfectly harmonized to fill all the deserving spaces. This requires you to exude a certain level of expertise.


Modern lighting facilities

Every proper and comfortable home deserves proper lighting right from the garage all the way to the basement. A home that is completely furnished with various kinds of lighting will automatically change the atmosphere into a soothing one for everyone at home. It is almost impossible to imagine a home that is either dimly lit or not lit at all.


saunaThe ladies can willingly attest to the fact that a home is not a home without a sauna. A refreshing sauna experience is just what most of us need after a long and excruciating workout. It gets even better when you have it properly and efficiently installed. There is something about a home that is neatly furnished with a sauna. It just gets to us when we travel far and begin to long for the warmth coming from it. What’s more, there is always a way to have it regulated when it comes on too strong. You can read more about  the sauna from the relevant websites. It has got to be among the best furnishings that one can ever adopt in a home.


Home is home when you can quietly enjoy convenient satellite technology. This means that your home must be well equipped with all the modern devices as dictated by technology. Everyone that lives in the modern era realizes the importance of a home that is digitally connected to the outside world. A digital TV, as well as stereo, will do the trick at the snap of a finger. Not forgetting information gadgets such as tabs and laptops. Fast Internet connection will make a home come alive any day.,…

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remodeling bathroom
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Bathroom Remodeling in Nothern Virginia

Your bathroom shouldn’t be ordinary. It should be a space that you enjoy to spend time in. Bathroom remodeling can help you design your bathroom in a way that meets your needs and preferences. A beautifully remodeled bathroom can make you realize that the bathroom is more than just a space for taking a bath. Homeowners in Northern Virginia Bathroom Remodeling can contract the services of bathroom remodelers to achieve various objectives. Some of these include:

Update the Overall Design Theme

Design styles change and once in a while homeowners may desire to update the existing designs in their homes to match the more contemporary design approaches. Bathroom remodeling can enable homeowners to redesign their bathrooms to reflect the popular contemporary designs. Remodeling can include the change of color schemes in the bathroom, the installation of new fitting, and flooring redesign. The outcome will reflect the tastes and preferences of the homeowner as well as new design ideas implemented by the service provider.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

You can always design your bathroom in a unique way, different from the common and popular design trends. Custom bathroom remodeling allows you to infuse your style into the bathroom decor and create a space that reflects your sense of style and preferences. Custom bathroom remodeling can turn your bathroom from a place where you simply take a bath to your favorite space in the house. A professional remodeling company can turn your dreams into reality by giving you the bathroom that you desire.

Partial Bathroom Remodeling

Not everyone goes for a full bathroom remodeling. In some cases, a homeowner may need only to make a few changes in the bathroom to achieve the design that he or she requires. Bathroom remodeling can help you achieve this goal without interfering with the existing designs. Professional remodeling services can undertake partial remodeling and significantly improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Guest Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling the guest bathroom involves a lot of considerations to turn the space into a place that guests will love. It is important to incorporate your style into the design while also considering the needs of guests that might use the bathroom. Guest bathrooms can be remodeled by installing walk-in showers and detached bathtubs to ensure that guests have different bathing options to use. Professional remodeling service providers can help you choose design themes that are appropriate for guest bathrooms. Northern Virginia residents are known for great hospitality and remodeling the guest bathroom can help you achieve this objective.

Powder Room Renovation

Powder rooms are ideal for people that want to freshen up quickly. They only feature a sink and a toilet which makes remodeling them a relatively simple task. However, since these rooms are often used by guests, it is essential to remodel them in a way that makes them elegant and classy.

Homeowners that require bathroom remodeling in Northern Virginia can hire the services of professional bathroom remodelers to achieve these objectives. Such services can turn their bathrooms into amazing spaces in the home.…

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How to choose a trustworthy cleaning company

Cleaning the house has become a challenge in today’s world. People are busy and cannot get a minute outside their schedule to keep the house tidy and clean. Sometimes ago, it was the work of women to stay home and perform home chores while men went out to work. It is no longer the case now. Women are employed, and they are working as much as or even more than men. That is where the crisis began. To bridge the gap, business people come up with the idea of cleaning services. Where you hire cleaners who come to your home or office, do the cleaning for you for a fee.

You do not have to be wealthy to hire a cleaning company. Many people hire a cleaning service once in a week. It all depends on your cleaning needs. You might decide to have the hired cleaners help with moping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. while you deal with simple tasks like the kitchen and washrooms. If you cannot get a minute to do light cleaning duties, there are companies ready to do daily cleaning. Mostly, such cleaners come after homeowners leave for work. In such cases, you must be sure that the cleaning company you hired can be trusted.

You cannot base your decision entirely on online reviews. Ask for help from family, friends or referent before making the decision. In addition to recommendations, below is a list of questions you should ask to judge their services:

  • Is your company insured?
  • Are the workers independent or employees of the company?
  • How many workers do you have?
  • Are you going to come with cleaning equipment or am I the one to provide?
  • Will a single worker be assigned my house or will they keep shifting?
  • Are the workers available on the phone after work?
  • How long have you been in the cleaning industry? What is the routine of your cleaning?
  • What happens if a worker breaks stuff in my house?
  • Do you make hourly charges or on the whole project?

The above questions give you a broader idea of the company. In addition to that, you should explain your cleaning needs. Like for example if your family can handle simple cleaning duties and you only want them to help with hard chores. The above should be made clear because it could affect the cost. Do not hire new companies or those with untrained staff. Take your time and research well especially for cleaning companies who will work while you are away.…

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Factors to consider when buying home furniture

Do you remember the first day you entered your current house? When was it empty? Well, an empty house is not fun to live in. With echoes and too much space. The only way to occupy space in an empty house is by filling it with furniture. Furniture is expensive. It is something you do not want to keep on buying. When you decide to buy furniture, only go for the best. It is better to buy in bits but the best of quality.

Below are some factors to consider before buying furniture


Quality is everything in furniture. As mentioned above, furniture is expensive. Quality furniture is more expensive but worth it. If you cannot afford to chuck large amounts at a go, it is advisable that you start saving early for the furniture you want to buy. Only buy furniture from reputable stores. There are many furniture sellers some of whom are not genuine. They will sell items that look like original items but will disappoint you in future. Research well before settling for furniture stores and ask for a guarantee for items bought.

Space and size

How much space do you have in your house? What size of furniture do you want? The two go together. To get the best look, buy furniture that fits well and leaves space for free movement. More space will be needed if you have small babies. They need to play freely without knocking on chairs and tables. Too much space looks bad, stuffed furniture is worse. Be very wise when it comes to space and size.

Staircase and door space

Did you know that the door and staircase spaces should be a point of concern when buying furniture? Someone will ask, how is this? Well, if the width of the furniture you bought is larger than that of the door or staircase, then it will not pass. You never knew, but now you know. You do not want to spend huge amounts and time to buy furniture only for it not to fit the doors. Always measure the width of the doors and make sure the furniture is smaller than that.

Color theme

The color of your furniture must match or blend well with the theme of your house. If you are poor in colors, ask for help from interior designers. Most men are color blind. Get help on this to avoid weird colors in your house.…

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