How to choose a trustworthy cleaning company

Cleaning the house has become a challenge in today’s world. People are busy and cannot get a minute outside their schedule to keep the house tidy and clean. Sometimes ago, it was the work of women to stay home and perform home chores while men went out to work. It is no longer the case now. Women are employed, and they are working as much as or even more than men. That is where the crisis began. To bridge the gap, business people come up with the idea of cleaning services. Where you hire cleaners who come to your home or office, do the cleaning for you for a fee.

You do not have to be wealthy to hire a cleaning company. Many people hire a cleaning service once in a week. It all depends on your cleaning needs. You might decide to have the hired cleaners help with moping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. while you deal with simple tasks like the kitchen and washrooms. If you cannot get a minute to do light cleaning duties, there are companies ready to do daily cleaning. Mostly, such cleaners come after homeowners leave for work. In such cases, you must be sure that the cleaning company you hired can be trusted.

You cannot base your decision entirely on online reviews. Ask for help from family, friends or referent before making the decision. In addition to recommendations, below is a list of questions you should ask to judge their services:

  • Is your company insured?
  • Are the workers independent or employees of the company?
  • How many workers do you have?
  • Are you going to come with cleaning equipment or am I the one to provide?
  • Will a single worker be assigned my house or will they keep shifting?
  • Are the workers available on the phone after work?
  • How long have you been in the cleaning industry? What is the routine of your cleaning?
  • What happens if a worker breaks stuff in my house?
  • Do you make hourly charges or on the whole project?

The above questions give you a broader idea of the company. In addition to that, you should explain your cleaning needs. Like for example if your family can handle simple cleaning duties and you only want them to help with hard chores. The above should be made clear because it could affect the cost. Do not hire new companies or those with untrained staff. Take your time and research well especially for cleaning companies who will work while you are away.…

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Factors to consider when buying home furniture

Do you remember the first day you entered your current house? When was it empty? Well, an empty house is not fun to live in. With echoes and too much space. The only way to occupy space in an empty house is by filling it with furniture. Furniture is expensive. It is something you do not want to keep on buying. When you decide to buy furniture, only go for the best. It is better to buy in bits but the best of quality.

Below are some factors to consider before buying furniture


Quality is everything in furniture. As mentioned above, furniture is expensive. Quality furniture is more expensive but worth it. If you cannot afford to chuck large amounts at a go, it is advisable that you start saving early for the furniture you want to buy. Only buy furniture from reputable stores. There are many furniture sellers some of whom are not genuine. They will sell items that look like original items but will disappoint you in future. Research well before settling for furniture stores and ask for a guarantee for items bought.

Space and size

How much space do you have in your house? What size of furniture do you want? The two go together. To get the best look, buy furniture that fits well and leaves space for free movement. More space will be needed if you have small babies. They need to play freely without knocking on chairs and tables. Too much space looks bad, stuffed furniture is worse. Be very wise when it comes to space and size.

Staircase and door space

Did you know that the door and staircase spaces should be a point of concern when buying furniture? Someone will ask, how is this? Well, if the width of the furniture you bought is larger than that of the door or staircase, then it will not pass. You never knew, but now you know. You do not want to spend huge amounts and time to buy furniture only for it not to fit the doors. Always measure the width of the doors and make sure the furniture is smaller than that.

Color theme

The color of your furniture must match or blend well with the theme of your house. If you are poor in colors, ask for help from interior designers. Most men are color blind. Get help on this to avoid weird colors in your house.…

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